4 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents

Do your parents still live in their own home? Are they able to care for themselves and drive to appointments and the store? Have you noticed, though, that they are beginning to age? Is it causing you to be concerned about their future? It may be time to begin raising important estate planning issues with your aging parents.

In preparing to talk to your parents, get together informally, without distractions, and talk about their future. Be sure they know what you are meeting with them about. In fact, this conversation may take place over many meetings together. We would like to share with you four thought provoking questions that may be helpful.

1. Do your aging parents each have a Florida estate plan? If the answer is yes, find out who their Florida estate planning attorney is for future reference. Also, be sure they have updated it recently. Also, find out where they are keeping their original documents.

2. Do the Florida estate plans of your parents include a power of attorney and advanced directives? If your aging parents become incapacitated due to an accident or illness, their power of attorney would allow a trusted person, already chosen by your parents when creating the document, to make financial decisions on their behalf.  In addition, your aging parents could also create instructions through advance directives for how others should handle their health care if they are incapacitated or facing an end-of-life situation.

3. What are the long-term care plans of your aging parents? In the future if your aging parents require assistance with daily tasks, such as keeping up with necessary medications, personal hygiene, or home-related responsibilities, what do they want to do?  Would your aging parents prefer in-home care or moving to an assisted-living facility or even a nursing home? Do they have long-term care insurance, savings for long-term care or have they met with their Florida estate planning attorney to begin planning for potential long-term care?

4.Do your parents have a team of professionals to work with? Estate planning, long-term care planning, insurance needs, tax issues and health care need to be addressed by your aging parents with the experts in their professions. Professionals such as an experienced Florida estate planning attorney, CPA, financial planner and medical doctors should be a part of your aging parents’ team. Also, you need to know the names, phone numbers and addresses of all these professionals. Working with qualified legal, financial and medical professionals can help ensure the wishes of your aging parents are followed.

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