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Mid Year Planning Check In! Did You Reach Your New Year’s Goals to Protect Yourself and Your Family?

We are more than half way through the year! What an exciting time for us here in Florida as we see not only the continuing growth of our state as we come back from the pandemic but anticipate the approach of cooler weather. As we get past the midway point in the year, however, it reminds us to check in on our New Year’s goals since there are less than six months to accomplish them.

Specifically, we are thinking about your plans to protect yourself and your family. If this was

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4 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents

Do your parents still live in their own home? Are they able to care for themselves and drive to appointments and the store? Have you noticed, though, that they are beginning to age? Is it causing you to be concerned about their future? It may be time to begin raising important estate planning issues with your aging parents.

In preparing to talk to your parents, get together informally, without distractions, and talk about their future. Be sure they know what you are meeting with them about. In fact, this conversation may

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How Technology Can Help Aging Loved Ones Stay At Home Longer

Do you have a loved one currently living alone in his or her own home? Do you often call or visit to make sure your loved one is okay? Do you feel like you are not checking up enough or need help? Believe it or not, did you know that when used appropriately, the right technology can make it easier for seniors to be able to engage with their family and friends and remain healthy and safe in their independent living situation? We would like to share the technologies discussed

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Understanding the Differences in Florida Long-Term Care Support for Our Seniors

Do you have an aging loved one still able to live in his or her own home? Are you concerned about what the future may hold as your loved one ages and whether he or she can continue to live in his or her home? Have you and your aging loved one discussed long-term care and the choices in care that are available? Do you and your senior have questions? In Florida, there are several options available for long-term care. We know it can be confusing, so we would like to help

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Protect the Life Savings of Your Mom from a Nursing Home

Does your mom currently live on her own without any problems? Do you check in with her each day or stop by her home? Have the two of you talked about her plans for the future, especially if she were to need critical nursing care? During the month of May both National Elder Law Month and National Older American Month are celebrated. Both of these observances are crucial for you and your mom because of the support and knowledge or aging that both of you can receive. In regard to

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Five Tips On How to Plan For a Loved One With Autism

Are you caring for a loved one with autism? Have you given serious consideration to your loved one’s future and the need for thoughtful and careful planning? Depending on the severity of their autism the specific needs of autistic individuals can vary greatly and, in fact, many people with autism need assistance throughout their entire lives.

Are you the parent, grandparent, or sibling taking care of an autistic loved one? When should you begin planning for your loved one with autism? You should begin your planning early. As the caregiver for

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Do You Know the Pros and Cons of Planning for Medicaid Early?

Do You Know the Pros and Cons of Planning for Medicaid Early?

As a senior living in Florida have you thought about planning for long-term care? There are definite advantages for planning for long-term care now and not putting it off until you suddenly need care. Early planning will enable you to make a good choice for long-term care for yourself and ultimately for your loved ones. We will discuss more in this blog about the pros for long-term care planning in the state of Florida.

Are you planning for Medicare to cover your long-term care needs? We understand that because you are

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Tips You Can Use to Keep Seniors Safe from Sweetheart Scams

Are you familiar with romance scams? Have you ever heard of a romance scam called “Lonely Heart”? These scams often occur when scammers are attempting to financially exploit vulnerable people. There are many ways this scam can be accomplished, including by phone or online. The scammer earns the trust of the vulnerable senior through romantic manipulation and emotional deceit. Unfortunately, seniors are especially vulnerable to lonely heart frauds due to higher incidence of loneliness and social isolation.

Sadly, Valentine’s Day gives online criminals an even better opportunity to take advantage of

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Here’s A New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Achieve!

Here’s A New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Achieve!

Are you beginning the new year by focusing on your goals and resolutions? Have you decided to begin with getting organized? Are you adding new and better habits? With all the many ideas you have about how you will achieve the resolutions you set for yourself, we would like to share one that is both easy and critical to complete!

Creating or updating your Florida estate plan is probably the most important New Year’s Resolution you can make this year. Did you know that the estate plan you create can protect

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The Best Holiday Gift You Have Never Considered

We know the end of the year is quickly approaching. In just a few short weeks, it will be 2022. Of course, the persisting pandemic continues to add a layer to our plans but, for most of us, we are busy finalizing our end of the year plans, purchasing last minute holiday gifts, and making plans to spend time with family. This is the perfect time to take stock of what has happened this year, as well as reflect on your goals for the coming year. What went well? What

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