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We Have Exciting News to Share That Can Help You “Get Your Ducks in a Row”

In a dynamic move that mirrors our commitment to providing comprehensive legal solutions, we are excited to unveil the updated brand identity of The Meloro Law Firm. With the tagline “Getting Your Ducks in a Row,” our refreshed identity aligns with our mission of ensuring that our clients have their affairs meticulously organized and secured.

Meloro Law is deeply rooted in Plantation, Florida, serving not only our local community but also extending our services to the greater Fort Lauderdale area and the surrounding counties of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. With

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Ways You Can Help a Senior This Senior Citizens Day

As Senior Citizens Day approaches, it presents an excellent opportunity to celebrate and show appreciation for the elderly members in our community. In Florida, with our substantial senior population, this presents an excellent opportunity for us to not only reflect on the valuable role these individuals play in our lives but to also explore meaningful ways we can help them. Let us share several ways you can help the elders you love this month, and throughout the year, in our article on this topic. 


Assisting with everyday tasks. For some

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Summer Safety Tips and More for Seniors in the Summer

Do you and your family look forward to summer? Do you enjoy the longer days, more time with family and friends, cookouts, and swimming at the pool or beach? However, along with the joys of summer is something we need to be on guard against. That is the excessively high temperatures of the body, especially our seniors, as a result of hours spent in the sun.

Seniors need to be protected from the high heat temperatures. Keeping them safe during the summer months is crucial as they may be more vulnerable

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Mother and Daughter after cancer diagnosis

Estate Planning Considerations For You If You Are Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

Have you had a recent diagnosis of cancer? Do you currently have a Florida estate plan? Is it up-to-date? With your recent diagnosis be aware that the importance of your estate plan ranges from being able to make the early choice of who will be able to care for you in a crisis to who should have legal authority to make decisions when you are incapacitated to, ultimately, deciding who should inherit from you at a time when you are no longer here. These are each important discussions that will

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Scale and Balance with gavel

Understanding the Difference Between Elder Law and Estate Planning During National Elder Law Month

Did you know that today less than half of all Americans have an estate plan? This means, in the event of a crisis, these individuals have not chosen who will have the legal authority to make their decisions. Most of us think of our estate planning in terms of inheritance and planning for our loved ones at the time of our passing, but there are lifetime decisions that your estate plan can protect you with as well. These could be decisions as simple as paying the mortgage bill or making

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Estate Planning And Long-Term Care Considerations For When Your Loved One Is Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease

Has your loved one recently received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease?  As you become familiar with how Parkinson’s disease progresses, have you learned that your loved one’s ability to walk, bathe, and dress will gradually become impaired?  In addition, there may be an increased risk of falling.  Has this diagnosis caused you to look into what the future may look like for your loved one, including the difficult decision of placing your loved one in a nursing home someday?  Are you wondering how to afford the high cost of a

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Special Needs Planning for Loved Ones with Multiple Sclerosis

Do you have a loved one recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? Do you know exactly what Multiple Sclerosis or MS is?  It is a disorder of the central nervous system that is most often diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 50. Multiple Sclerosis damages or destroys the protective covering, known as myelin, surrounding the nerves of the central nervous system and causes reduced communication between the brain and nerve pathways. This damage to the nervous system and reduced communication between the brain and nerve pathways leads to a variety

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How to Create a Loving Gift through Estate Planning

As a senior adult are you working with your qualified Florida estate planning attorney on your estate plan? Is your goal to create the gift of an estate plan that will bring peace and confidence to the ones you love that their future is provided for no matter what comes their way? Are you also providing for yourself and your wishes for your future so that the ones you love will not have to worry about what you would want and whether you can afford it? On Valentine’s Day, what

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The New Year is a Perfect Opportunity to Finally Get Your Affairs in Order—Stop Procrastinating!

Ready for the New Year, 2023? Finalizing your list of resolutions? While you celebrated and enjoyed the holidays with your family, were you reminded that you need to plan ahead for yourself, your family and your legacy? Are you concerned that you have been procrastinating and have not created your Florida estate plan? Is it now at the top of your list of resolutions? How do you begin? What should go into your estate plan?

As Florida estate planning attorneys, we meet with clients and their loved ones to discuss just

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