Factors to Consider When Hiring a Medicaid Attorney

If you are worried about how you will manage your financial and health issues as you get older or about planning for the care of elderly loved ones, you’ll need to find a Medicaid attorney Plantation. It is best to address such matters early and as soon as possible, as waiting until these concerns become critical may be too late or can cause additional delays in proper care.

Your Lawyer needs to meet the following criteria:

Has experience dealing with Medicaid

A Medicaid attorney will have experience dealing with the government. As a government agency, Medicaid can be complex, and the case workers assigned to review applications are the government’s gatekeepers. An experienced attorney will be able to tell you whether you are eligible for Medicaid, will help you to qualify and will help you to apply for the variety of benefits offered by Medicaid. Not every elder law attorney focuses on Medicaid, so you should always ask.

Can help you in finding care options

Most elderly people, or their loved ones, looking for a Medicaid attorney Plantation also have long term care needs. This means looking for the right care options, such as assisted living, a home health aide, or a nursing home. An attorney should be able to advise you on these matters and help you find the options that best meet your needs and fall within your budget.

A practice dedicated to dealing with Medicaid

When selecting a Medicaid attorney, it is not sufficient to just check their experience in dealing with Medicaid-related cases. You should also check if their practice focuses in such cases. What percentage of their case load is concerned with Medicaid?

Help in other elder law fields

A good Medicaid attorney Plantation can help you with other elder law related matters, such as probate, planning wills, creation of trusts, helping with guardianship issues, and more. If you also need help with these issues, ask the attorney if they offer such services.