What to Ask Your Medicaid Attorney before Hiring One

Qualifying for and applying for Medicaid and/or VA benefits can be complicated. A Medicaid attorney Plantation can help, but before you hire one, ask them the following questions:

How long have you been practicing law and what is your specialty?

While you will obviously want an experienced lawyer, choosing one whose practice specifically focuses on Medicaid and Elder Law is important.

What are your qualifications, and do you have the license to practice law?

Do not hesitate to ask them about their qualifications and whether they have the license to practice elder law in Plantation. It is always better to be sure than just assume this is the case. Unfortunately, many “medicaid planners” who are not attorneys try to do this work and make mistakes—mistakes that you pay for if your application is denied.

What percentage of your practice is dedicated to Medicaid and Elder Law related cases?
This will give you a fair idea of the firm’s involvement and work in Medicaid-related cases.

Do you have experience in litigation?

This is not required in most cases, but complications can arise. As such, you should ask the lawyer about their experience in litigation. Not every Medicaid attorney Plantation has litigation experience, and if you have to go to court for any reason, you will want an experienced attorney by your side.

What kind of fee schedule do you have?

Different firms have different ways of charging their clients. Some Medicaid attorney Plantation will charge by the hour, while some charge a flat fee. You should clarify exactly what services are included in the fee and specifically ask whether phone calls and emails are included.