What an Elder Law Attorney Can Do for You

The United States has some of the best programs to help its aging population, particularly in managing health-related issues. But along with the availability of these programs, there are a few complications as well. Consequently, one needs an elder law attorney Plantation to deal with these issues. There are many ways an elder law attorney can help you:

Obtain government benefits to help pay for long term care: The cost of long term care (such as home health aides, assisted living facilities and nursing homes) is exorbitant. An elder law attorney Plantation can help you obtain government benefits (such as Medicaid and VA) to help ease the financial burden of this care. They will inform you of long-term care options, provide you the names of caregiving agencies and facilities, and help you qualify and apply for Medicaid and VA benefits.

Estate planning: Estate planning answers the question “what will happen to my property when I die?” You can (and should) make the decisions while you are able to do so by having an attorney prepare your will and the documents necessary to avoid probates, such as trusts and deeds. An elder law attorney Plantation will explain your options and draft the appropriate legal documents.

Incapacity planning: Incapacity planning answers the question “who will make my financial and healthcare decisions if I ever become unable to make such decisions for myself?” Two extremely important documents to have in place if you ever become incapacitated are a durable power of attorney and healthcare advance directives. An elder law attorney Plantation will draft such documents for you.

Guardianship: Guardianship is a last resort and is only needed if a person becomes incapacitated but has not executed incapacity planning documents. In such cases, a guardianship attorney Plantation can go to court and ask that a legal guardian appointed to make necessary financial and healthcare decisions for you.