Why You Need a Lawyer for Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a critical healthcare program for seniors who need long term care.  But do you need a nursing home attorney Plantation to plan your Medicaid? In a word, yes and the reasons are:

The nursing homes and the government have representation so you should too:  Often clients tell me “the nursing home [or government case worker] said I don’t need a lawyer.”  It is important to know that the nursing homes and the government are looking out for their own best interests, not yours.  Your lawyer, unlike the nursing home and government case worker, will look out for YOUR best interests.

Medicaid is complex: Medicaid rules are complex. You may think you have done everything correctly based on your understanding, but you still may be denied. You can ask for a review, but the consequences of getting things wrong can mean the rejection of your application when you most need it and a long delay in obtaining benefits.  It is best to get things right the first time.

Planning finances: Most nursing home attorney Plantation also help in asset transfers, creating trusts, saving family resources and in determining exempt assets. This planning is critical to qualify you for Medicaid, to protect assets from Medicaid recovery, and to maximize the use of your life savings.

To execute documentation: Various documents must be prepared for a person who needs long term care, including durable powers of attorney, healthcare advanced directives, and Medicaid applications. Missing documents or applications that are incorrectly filled out can result in your wishes not being followed or the denial of benefits or cancellation of care.

Advice: An experienced nursing home attorney Plantation has the knowledge and skills that can prove invaluable in planning for Medicaid. The initial planning will determine the type of care, and Medicaid coverage you will be eligible for. A lawyer can explain the options that are available and how they can be tailored to fit a client’s needs.